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On Leisure and Unaffordable Trends

 By: Anupriya Trikkannad
       Frequenting malls, pubs, and cafes is the concept of leisure today. Most of us are familiar with the concept of demand and supply and how they are correlated. the number of malls in our country is on the rise and if it were to be studied carefully one would realize that a large number of people who frequent the malls are youngsters. to keep up with the competition each malls offers something more, something new and something similar, yet very different from the rest.
      The experience of conversation over tables filled with a variety of food and an assortment of beverages and the ambiance of a huge space bustling with different people is something that is priceless. Not to say that window shopping with friends and discussing myriad things from new trends in clothing to the latest arrival in the gadget world, is something less valued.
      Books used to be a great source of entertainment, perhaps it still is for some, but fewer people are involved in reading today. Also, one does not have to read a book and take the trouble to visualize the story; movies make it a lot easier. Nearly every famous book is made into a movie.
     Multiplexes are something we cannot do without. The experience of a movie being played on a big screen and your friends next to you, sharing the highs and lows of the movies is something that cannot be missed. And, the idiot box has become an integral part of our leisure and non- leisure time. It is a family member.
      Int addition to this, technology has blessed us with several boons. Today, we find that mobile phones are one of the biggest source of entertainment. Computers changed the way we deal with information and with the advent of the Internet, very little remains unknown. The world is offered to us in one click.
      Adding to our bag of goddies are the gaming accessories. Games, which were physically played once, are played in the virtual world now and we are spared from the hassle of physical exertion and the heat of the sun.
     It is probably too late for us to make some changes in these patterns of leisure we follow. If we continue with the pace we are keeping, leisure in future would be a luxury in every sense of the word. i fear we might not even be able to afford it one day. Would it be too late for us then to use a pencil or read a print book?

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